U-Respect Foundation is an evidence-based, impact-driven, not-for-profit organization working in the areas of health, water and sanitation (WASH) in rural, tribal and urban communities, reaching out to the Base of the Pyramid population. Headquartered in Mumbai, U-Respect is led by its founder who is an epidemiologist and public health specialist and is supported by equally passionate and experienced colleagues, with substantial combined experience.

Research informs the project life cycle at every stage with effective monitoring mechanisms, providing necessary closed-loop feedback. Immediate course corrections are driven by regular project data feeds.

U-Respect Foundation collaborates with national and state governments, private sector and civil society organizations towards implementing holistic frameworks across both healthcare and WASH sectors. This collaboration has been effective in leveraging individual strengths and resulting in optimal project outcomes.


Message from the Team



It has been quite a journey,since U-Respect came into being. We nourished it like a baby and made sure that we did everything right – we have all our systems in place, identify communities who would benefit from our interventions, and connect with like-minded and altruistic people to make a difference to society. Innovative methods and leveraging technology were always part of our program strategy. We have been able to make a difference to over 300,000 beneficiaries on various health and sanitation initiatives.  Holistic approach to health, nutrition and sanitation has been the key and has resulted in large scale multi-dimensional optimisation.Major funders have supported during our formative years, and have presently come forward in these crucial times. While the Millennium Alliance support (2013-2016) helped us gain grounds in our work and create an impact in the lives of tribal communities, the support of our long-term partners, Care Today, A TV Today Network CSR (2015 to 2019) is worthy of mention.

Post-Covid scenario has provided us with a major opportunity to contribute to relief and education primarily in our erstwhile project areas. Redressing the population’s condition post the catastrophe is at the heart of our efforts, while also educating people about prevention, isolation and cure. Our short- and medium-term plans related to post Covid intervention are ready, and we will be ready to roll with some financial support. We hope to draw on our rural experience to implement the urban initiatives.

We look forward to continuing working across India in major cutting-edge social interventions towards the goal of betterment of the underprivileged.

Team U-Respect


Our Mission


To work towards human and environmental development, both in rural and urban areas, through studies, research and action for improving the quality of life without any distinction of caste, colour, creed or religion.


Our Vision

Make substantial & substantive contributions, towards public betterment, by leveraging collaborative public-private partnerships and community participation.




Our Strength

  • Leveraging technology across all projects towards efficiency and optimization

  • A well-trained outreach staff equipped with necessary outcome-oriented tools

  • Strong Monitoring and Evaluation capabilities and  internal monitoring mechanism in place through the use of logic models and Theory of Change models to identify process  checkpoints for mid-course corrections, if any

  • Easily replicable and scalable triangulation models in place.

  • Good networking skills with concerned government departments and other identified stakeholders.

Administration & Finance

  • Well documented reports.

  • Well trained and efficient finance team.

  • Absolute transparency in finance management.

  • Regular audits.



A senior scientist with Ph.D in Epidemiology and public health, Arundhati has over 25 years experience in the development sector. Use of innovative research and programme tools are her forte which she has used to directly impact outcomes of social projects. She has published numerous scientific articles in international peer reviewed journals, book chapters, magazine articles and conference abstracts. She was conferred the lead innovator award in 2013 under the first round Millennium Alliance grant for social innovations in the area of family planning and reproductive health. Her areas of expertise include sexual and reproductive health, gender, adolescent health and women’s empowerment issues.


Honorary secretary


With over 12 years of experience in the social sector, Aarti has been involved in several projects mainly in the areas of health, education, water and sanitation. She is the co-innovator for the Millennium Alliance grant for social innovations in the area of family planning and reproductive health. She has played a key role in setting up U-Respect Foundation and getting involved in its day to day functioning. She has a master’s degree in Marketing Management and has tremendous project management experience. She has worked as market researcher for a number of corporate marketing clients.


Honorary secretary
Honorary treasurer


A business professional with 40 years of experience, Mr. Srinivasachari is an able administrator with a strong finance, accounts and legal background owing to his educational degrees in commerce and printing technology. His passion and conviction for making a difference in the society by helping the needy has been instrumental in setting up U-Respect Foundation


Honorary treasurer
  • Well documented reports.

  • Well trained and efficient finance team.

  • Absolute transparency in finance management.

  • Regular audits.

Board of Trustees

Our Partners

Areas we work

U-Respect Foundation provides innovative and reliable solutions towards last-mile health and well-being by leveraging strengths of public and private partnerships. We specifically work in the area of maternal and child health, Adolescent health, Family Planning, Reproductive and Sexual Health, Nutrition.

To encourage and facilitate rural communities and urban slum dwellers to adopt and use low cost sanitation facilities for improved health and hygiene thus leading a life of respect and privacy. Also, to build clean drinking water solutions in areas where ground water is contaminated and hence provide sustainable source of clean drinking water.

Increase basic knowledge on sexual and reproductive health of young people, develop life skills such as self- awareness, Interpersonal Communication (IPC) skills, peer education and develop skills in conducting outreach peer education and peer counseling.

A complete on Comprehensive Sexuality Education developed by U-Respect Foundation is available with us.

Pilot Interventions

Evidence-based interventions to impact bottom of the pyramid population in the areas of health, education and wash & sanitation.

U - Respect Knowledge Hub

Interfacing with, related organisations to strengthen capacities across the social sector. Specialist training on communication, strategy, research methods, implementation, M&F framework development and execution, and process documentation services will be provided to organisations.


The team has over 25 years of social research experience and we carry out social research and epidemiological studies.

Research informs project life cycle at every stage with effective monitoring mechanism providing necessary closed loop feedback. Immediate course corrections are driven by regular project data feeds.