On the 26th April, The U-Respect Foundation reached out to 100 migrant families in Koyana Vasahat, a settlement of laborers who are daily wage earners in Goregaon East, Mumbai. Our team identified the most vulnerable families with 4-6 members among approximately 3500 households.

Most of these families were from North India, but they also included people from the same state who had migrated from other districts. Widows, watchmen with no jobs and contractual daily wage masons, plumbers, painters were also included. These target families have been affected from the current lock down restrictions due to the pandemic. Our team provided them with dry rations and sanitation  equipment enough for one month.

For this initiative, we recruited 3 volunteers from a local community based organisation working with the migrant community. The recruited staff underwent an online training on the method of distribution, keeping COVID-19 protocols in mind.

Apna Bazaar was contacted to provide bulk rations which included wheat flour, rice, sugar. dal, red chilly powder, salt, tea powder and oil. Along with the dry rations, these families were also facilitated with masks, gloves and hand-washing soap. 

U-Respect Foundation extends it’s gratitude to the Foundation for Ecological Security (FES) for their benevolent contribution towards COVID relief. We also thank our partner Vikas Sahayog Pratishthan (VSP) for the implementation of this relief work.

U-Respect’s Immediate Covid-19 relief measures for affected under-privileged population

U-Respect Foundation is garnering support in providing essential supplies towards relief & rehabilitation to urban, rural and tribal communities. U-Respect team supported by a renowned disaster management expert with considerable networks Mr. Balaji Singh Chowhan, is supporting 600 migrant labour families in Mumbai with food supplies. Distribution will be done by personnel using the correct PPE and ensuring social distancing norms.

Way forward

A detailed plan for building resilient individuals and communities in the Mumbai and Thane district areas is in place with the customary leveraging of technology. This will be supported by a tech-driven educational campaign, through effective videos in the local language on COVID-19 prevention and care.

Mask use will be ensured in the project area. E-driven and close collaboration with the government and area task force, along with total adherence to safety requirements of field personnel is the way forward. Helplines will be made available, and end-of-line delivery will focus on the most needy and vulnerable.

Volunteer medical doctors will be readily available on U-Respect’s helpline calls. Real-time monitoring and online reports driving analysis and course corrections will be done. Communication is the key to educating a substantially ignorant populace, and also in de-stigmatizing the disease among the educated and the aware,

U-Respect seeks support from prospective funders to make this humanitarian intervention possible.


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